Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2 Years

This week marks two years since I left for Peace Corps. I flew from SF to DC on February 11, 2007, tried to get to Honduras on the 14th, and finally made it down on the 18th. It's hard to believe so much time has passed.

It's also hard to imagine leaving Trujillo. I'm looking forward to returning to SF, sure. But Trujillo has become home, and I'm reminded of that everytime someone says hi to me on the streets, everytime I watch the sun set, evertime I lie in my hammock with an iced coffee and a good book.

Luckily, work is keeping me from getting too emo. This Friday, I'm facilitating a 3-day training of PLWHA on how to organize and run support groups. After that I do follow up with the support groups in 4 different municipalities during the month of March. Plus my parents are coming to visit. April is semana santa, a possible visit from my brother, packing up, moving out, training the new health volunteers, and doing my exit interview and mountains of paperwork. Then I'm on a plane to SFO on May 1st!

I'll try to update a bit more before I leave. Thanks for reading.

Hondu-10 (my training group) at our COS (Close of Service) conference in late January:

There were 50 us two years ago. Now there are 36.