Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The first goodbye

530 Page Pad 2
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Yesterday I began to pack up my room in the Lower Haight. I moved in here 11 months ago (March 1 of last year) and have really enjoyed living in a great apartment in a great location and especially with great roommates.

Moving out has really crystallized the reality of my impending departure. I'm going to be saying goodbye to a lot of people and places very soon. I's sad, and 12 days seems like so little time.

Hopefully, getting this move done today will make it easier to focus on enjoying the rest of my time here, instead of stressing about all the stuff I need to do to prepare for leaving. Aside from some shopping and paperwork, I'll be pretty much ready to go once this is done with.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Google Group for PC-Honduras Vols

Hey, if any new PC-Honduras volunteers come across this blog, I've set up a google group for those of us who are serving from 2007-09. A few have joined already, come on over and introduce yourself!