Wednesday, June 20, 2007


What's this? Two blog entries in two days! Something must be going on. Well, yes. I've been sick with diarrhea and a cold for most of the last two weeks, and finally am starting to feel better, and so I'm sharing my joy with you. Yay.

Several other volunteers have blogged recently about what their average day looks like, so I figured I would do the same. My work is very different from day to day, depending on if I'm working with the Foro, or with Agua Pura, or with the Ministry of Health. But otherwise it goes something like this:

6:30amWake up
Light Exercise
Breakfast (Corn Flakes and tea - Thanks Parents!)
8:30amStart Working
Sometimes this means going out for meetings or fieldwork, sometimes it means staying in to write up documents, study, or make charla papers. Often times there isn't enough work to fill up the time until lunch, so I'll go to the internet cafe for a while.
11:30amLunch (I eat at a little eatery called Merendero Nayarit about 3-5 times per week and converse with the owner, Doña Reina)
12:30pmSiesta (As far as I can tell, Hondurans don't take siestas. I do. The heat is usually unbearable by this time, so I just lie in bed with the fan blowing on me full-blast.)
2:00pmContinue Working
Usually I save indoor work for this time, since walking the streets is no fun at this hour.
5:00pmHead over to the basketball court and play pickup
6:45pmStop playing when it gets too dark to see, head home for dinner.
9:00pmRead in bed, fall asleep


Raphael said...

I have no idea why there is a huge blank space in this post and it is pissing me off.

Raphael said...

Fixed. Finally. Blogger shouldn't make it so hard to use tables.

Honduras Sprout said...

I am amazed you still exercise. Okay, does washing diapers by hand at the pila count as exercise? Seriously...I can't stand sweating so much and light housework makes me look like I just did an hour of aerobics.

I'm liking your blog, can you tell from all my comments?