Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Coke Label

Coke Label
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Promised drop by drop

100 Calories (5%*)
Contains thousands of smiles
Good source of hydration
Low-Sodium Drink

* % of daily recommended allowance of FAO/OMS (WHO)

Walking 30 minutes daily and smiling is part of your well-being.

The Coca-Cola Company: www.institutodebebidas.org

Is this label on American cokes? I suppose none of this is a lie (thought the hydration claim is pushing it), but it's certainly misleading. And it works. Many people in Honduras actually believe that Coke is good for you.

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A Well Trained Horse said...

Although walking 30 minutes a day and smiling are good things, I don't see their connection to Coke. That's a horrible label. I haven't drunk Coke regularly for years, but I don't remember anything like that on the can. I'm scared to ask what the cigarette labels in Honduras are preaching.