Friday, January 4, 2008

No Bread, No Water

Bread and Water

There's no bread or water. Apparently there was a run on bread over new years and every store is out. No hamburger buns even.

More importantly, my apartment complex has no water. We ran out of water around the 16th of December. Luckily I was able to use the facilities at Brent's apartment and then I went home for the holidays on the 21st, so it didn't affect me that much. I figured that the water would be back by the time I returned.

When I got home on the 2nd, water came out of the faucets, so I assumed that everything was back to normal. Not so. Two days later, we were out of water again. Apparently the temporary reprieve was because one of my neighbors siphoned water from the tank of another house, but then said tank ran out of water as well.

Not having water for even 24 hours is not fun. First off, dirty dishes pile up and cooking at home is impossible, so you're limited to eating sandwiches or eating out. The former isn't possible since there's no bread in the entire town. The toilet gets pretty stinky even if you're limiting yourself to #1 and doing #2 elsewhere. And since there's no water for showers (or even bucket baths) you tend to get pretty stinky, too.

But this situation reveals a big difference between myself and Hondurans. I sat at home cursing the faulty honduran plumbing and wishing I was back in the States. On the other hand, my neighbors not only rigged the aforementioned siphon, but also dug up the water line for our house the figure out where the problem was. So far the digging hasn't yielded a solution (just a giant hole in our front yard) but at least they're trying.

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