Friday, August 8, 2008

Help me pick the photos, win a calendar!

Hey folks, some of you may know that the RPCV Madison group puts out a great Peace Corps Calendar every year that features photos submitted by PCVs. They accept up to five photo submissions from each PCV for the calendar. I've gathered some of my best photos and would like you to tell me which five I should submit!

If one of my photos is accepted then I will receive 25 free calendars. Of those, I will give away up to 15 calendars with readers who voted on which pictures to submit! So please look through the following pictures, then add a comment saying which ones you like best (vote for up to five). To get an idea of the kind of photos that get published, you can peruse the winning photos for the 2008 and 2007 calendars.

Thanks for helping me out!

#1) Jairo Smiling:

#2) Oscarito Flying his Kite:

#3) Flips into the Ocean:

#4) Fisherman in the early AM:

#5) Boys Fishing (wide shot):

#6) Pech Family:

#7) Washing by Hand:

#8) Pech man in Doorway:

#9) Pech man on Chair:

#10) Making Casabe:


Laura said...

Hola Raphael!
Mis favoritas son #1, #2, #3, #5 y #9

Raphael said...

Gracias Laura!

A Well Trained Horse said...

Hi Raph. Sorry about the crazy delay in my writing back to you. My life has been troublesome lately. I'll let you know all about it soon though.
My favorites:

Raphael said...

Thanks amber, sorry to hear about your life being troublesome. Hope things work out and I look forward to hearing more about what's going on. -Raph

AliveAwake Ana said...

My favorite are #2, #3, #6, #7, & #10. Good luck! :)

andrea said...

My picks are #3, #5, & #7 Its hard to only pick one !!! Good Luck

Raphael said...

Thanks Ana and Andrea!