Monday, October 6, 2008

lightning strike

Almost identical to last year, this year's rainy season started off with a bang, with a huge multi-day storm in late September. A little over a week ago, I was out in the central park when the storm hit, and lightning started crashing all around us. As soon as the rain let up a bit and the lightning moved off into the distance, I hurried home.

My apartment was filled with acrid electrical smoke when I arrived home. My speakers, fan, and laptop power supply (which I had stupidly left plugged in) were all fried. Until I get a replacement power supply (about 4 weeks or so given honduran shipping times) there probably won't be many blog/foto updates. Just so you know.

My birthday was also this week! Mary, Amanda and I celebrated by watching the VP debate, and cooking lots of good food (including Dr. Dingman's Favorite Pumpkin Pie).

[on soapbox]
In about an hour I leave for La Ceiba to pick up my absentee ballot and vote! I'm very excited about it. Hondurans here are abuzz about the US elections. If you're american, then you have the privilege to affect the outcome of elections that will in turn affect many people all over the globe. Don't take that privilege lightly. Please do your research and vote.
[off soapbox]

That's about it for now. I hope everyone who's reading this is well and good, wherever you are.

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