Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick update

View from the house
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Today marks one week since I arrived in Santa Lucia, Honduras. The flight into San Pedro Sula was uneventful, and we were met at the airport by Peace Corps staff. We immediately boarded a bus for Santa Lucia, outside of Tegucigalpa. My host mother met me at the bus stop in Santa Lucia, and took me home.

I live with a family of 7 (mother, father, grandmother, two sons and two daughters). They take great care of me, especially my host mom who makes me 3 meals a day (including packing a lunch for me Monday thru Friday). I have a lot of fun with the two sons, aged 7 and 9. Yesterday, Oscar (host dad), Oscarito, Jairo and I hiked to a field and I taught them to play ultimate. We had a blast, and the kids are already talking about going back next weekend.

Training is picking up. The first few days were filled with logistics. I filled out countless forms, received half a dozen shots, and did my spanish language interview. Finally on friday began the official technical and language training classes. I placed into one of the higher spanish classes, and weve been given an additional community project to carry out. The one I chose is a study of local beliefs and customs surrounding illnesses and maladies, both real and perceived. Im really looking forward to working on it.

The weather here has been very variable, from chilly and rainy to sunny, clear and pretty hot. The sun is much stronger here than back in San Francisco. Ive been careful and so far havent gotten sunburnt.

The experience so far has been very positive, but I have to keep reminding myself that training is not the real peace corps experience. Before I know it Ill be out somewhere on my own, without many of the amenities that we have here. Im trying to prepare myself for that eventuality, but Im sure it will be a shock nonetheless.

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