Sunday, June 29, 2008

Coyoles, Yoro

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Hey folks, I'm back from a short trip to the US.

Before I left, I went to Coyoles to visit a new health volunteer there. Coyoles is the setting for Ramon Amaya Amador's famous novel, Prisión Verde, which I read earlier in my service. The novel is about the horrendous conditions of the banana plantations in the early- to mid-1900's and the labor strife that ensued (and eventually led to the formation of some pretty strong unions).

I've now visited two "fruit union" towns - Isletas, Colón and Coyoles - and have been impressed by the overall higher quality of services and higher standards of living enjoyed in both these places. There are still problems, and big ones (this is still a developing country) but in relative terms these towns are doing better than a lot of their neighbors.

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