Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Honduran Music

I've lamented to some of my friends that Honduras imports most of its art and music these days, and there's disappointingly little produced domestically. I still think that's true, but lately I've found at least two great Honduran musicians.

I saw them both at Carnaval in La Ceiba a few weeks ago, and they were great live.

Guillermo Anderson (right) is by far the most prolific and popular Honduran musician I know of, having produced about half a dozen albums and toured all over the americas and Europe. He's great live, but I still haven't heard any of his albums.

Aurelio Martinez (left) isn't quite as well known, but after seeing him at Carnaval I picked up his CD "Garifuna Soul." It's one of my favorite CDs right now. After doing a websearch, I found out that he played at the San Francisco International Arts Festival last year.

Aurelio Martinez' music is similar to that of Andy Palacio (below), a Belizean musician. He's probably the best-known Garifuna musician, and unfortunately died earlier this year at the young age of 47. His latest CD, "Wátina" is a real gem, I highly recommend it.

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Lyra said...

I saw Aurelio Martinez perform at a memorial show for Andy Palacio here in DC (Im from Belize). Then got to go backstage and met him. Really nice guy, he was a very close friend of Andy's. And a wonderful musician and performer.